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About France

Removals to France is a young, ambitious, professional removals company operating out of our London base. It’s been an incredible journey over the last 10 years, from specialising in the niche market of London to France personal and business relocations to becoming a leading UK removals company. Responding to the demands of our more local customers, after spending years perfecting the art of helping people move up across the Channel we now serve all the rest of Europe, as well as those smaller movers across London and the rest of the UK.

When we started out we wanted to tackle stress in the moving industry and there were a number of areas that we wanted to look at. The major problems in the industry were pricing and services and the easiest way to combat both of these issues was always going to be by keeping it simple.

We decided that we would start with a quote. It would be free, but it wouldn’t be enough to just guess what you would need and then bolt on additional costs as we saw fit. We wanted to be able to offer you one number at the start which was the same as the number that you paid at the end. We do this by conducting our unique removals assessment which is designed to accurately calculate everything you would need, so that there are no surprises for us or you. No lies, hidden charges just the sort of simple approach that you appreciate when money is tight.

When it comes to moving day we have invested heavily in our fleet of modern, regularly serviced vehicles, cleaning them after every job and fitting them with the most up to date security systems.

However, it is our removals staff who really make the difference. Not only are they the best  at the physical aspects of the job, this is supplemented by the most important part of our service. Everything we do is informed by an understanding of what it is you are going through. All of our staff respect you, your family and your colleagues which is why they know when you need people around you and when you need reassuring hand on the shoulder. It also means that they are paying close attention, making sure that there are going to be no accidents because they take care of everything with the level of professionalism that you only get when you are truly understand the emotional investment the customer has in this process.

We also offer a wide range of optional extras, designed to make the process even easier. All of our packing, storage and cleaning services are available with the usual no obligation free quote and the expected levels of supreme service. They were designed with our long range customers in mind but have proved increasingly popular with our local customers as well because when you have a life already full to the brim with work and family, it is reassuring to know that you only need to deal with one company when it comes to everything you need.

So, whether you are moving just down the road or need one of our signature moves over the Channel to start a new life in France, everything you need is under one roof so you can call our friendly call centre team on 020 8746 9624 secure in the knowledge that you are getting the best service around at the very best price available.