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Buying your first home ‘together' in Bromley

If you and your partner have discussed taking the next step in your relationship and have decided upon moving in together you may be considering properties in the popular London area of Bromley.  When you start looking for a place for you to live as a couple it is essential that you work together and appreciate what each other wants to ensure you are both happy, doing this will help you to find your perfect home together, quicker. Sit down before you start your property search and decide upon what exactly it is that you want, discuss what size you would like it to be, whether you’d like a house or an apartment, any specific requirements either of you have, and most importantly, what your budget is. Once you’ve found a home that you both like, it is time for you to pack up your belongings.  Firstly, make 2 lists of everything that you already have in each of your homes, the first list should contain big things like television sets, sofa’s and beds etc. the second list should note all of the smaller items that you have like the kettle for example.  This will give you a good indication of how many duplicated items you have, and whether there is anything you need to buy for your new Bromley home. With the house decided upon you will also have a good idea as to how much of the stuff you have between you can be accommodated in the new property. Decide what you are going to do about duplicated items.  If you are moving into a big house with plenty of storage and the belonging you have are in very good condition, you may want to store these things in case anything breaks and needs replacing.  More often than not, it is more likely you will want to get rid of some of the double items, after all who needs two toasters, this brings about a decision as to which one to keep.  When deciding take into account the condition each of them are in, how easy it is to use, the functions it has, how expensive it is and obviously, whether it will fit into your intended décor scheme.If you do need to get rid of some of your belongings, set some time aside and do this together, decide what you want to keep, but remember to be considerate, you may not want or like something but it could hav sentimental value to your partner.  To make it fair write a list of questions, if you can say no to two or more of these questions then the item has no place in your new home:•    Does it get used on a regular basis? Or even at all?•    Does it come in useful, or is it completely necessary?•    Is it sentimental to you in any way?•    Does it fit in with the theme and décor of your new home? If there is anything that you are unsure about, why not try a trial separation.  Put the belonging in question in a box and seal it up, store it somewhere for a month and see how you feel after that time.  If you have forgotten about it and haven’t needed or wanted it in that time, it probably doesn’t need to come to your new home with you.  If you have been counting down the days till you can get it out and use it again, then it should move with you.  You can expect your partner to change his/her mind about something, getting rid of your stuff permanently isn’t always easy.