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Don't do That When Moving! Unless...

Like every new challenge one is taking, moving also has its dos and don'ts. But since I always thought that nothing is absolute, I also am a true follower of the concept of taking the best of the situation. So here I give you some don'ts of moving, and what to do to rescue the day after doing them

Don't pack the kitchen first
One of the most repeated moving advices is to pack room by room, leaving the kitchen last. The idea is to have warm meals and hot coffee and cold wine, served in proper dishes and cups and glasses.
...unless you are okay with eating and drinking from plastics dishes and glasses the last couple of days.
Personally, I usually break that don't every time. I don't have any problems with ordering pizza or Chinese, and supply with paper dishes and glasses and plastic forks and spoons. But the pizza cutter is left unpacked, of course.

Don't pack all the beddings
You have to leave at least a pillow and a bed sheet and a blanket for everyone in the house. Otherwise, how are they going to sleep tight on the first night on the new residence?
...unless you are ready to sleep in a sleeping bag.
See? The answer is that simple. If you don't have sleeping bags, or you can't find them, you can always buy them from a camping gear store, or a hypermarket, or just borrow them! What are friends for anyway?

Don't forget to start the electricity, the water and the gas on the day before you move in
Nobody wants to survive moving day just to end it up in a dark and cold home. Normally your new residence is just overfilled with boxes and furniture. It is not normal for it to also have no running water, electricity and gas. This is why you have to be foreseeing enough to arrange this on the day before.
...unless you are high-spirited enough to make a pyijamas-party on candles!
It's not the end of the world! Run to the nearby store for candles and flashlights. And some beer or wine to keep the mood high. Plus, alcohol makes you feel warm. But buy or borrow extra blankets, just in case.

Don't pile all the boxes in one room
Magic words when moving in - a layout plan. The plan is the sheet of paper saying what goes where. Coloured labels on every box contribute to the time and energy consuming moving in, when every box and furniture piece is placed in the correct room from the beginning.
...unless you have bigger plans.
But you might have other plans than just moving virtually everything from your previous residence to the corresponding rooms in the new residence. You might want some change! Maybe that's why you are relocating in the first place. If not, everyone is eager for a fresh start. Be bold, try new ideas of setting the interior, and accept the situation of living in the rest of the rooms and not using the three-quarters of your possessions you don't have access to for the time being.

Don't leave (almost) everything for the last minute
Planning is important. Plan everything and do it step by step. Moving day is stressful enough without having to deal with particularities!
...unless you can work under pressure and have enough help!
Well, sometimes you don't have the time or the chance to do it step by step. But arranging a moving at the last moment is doable. If you can be a good professional and work under pressure, you should be able to make your own moving out possible! You just need to have enough friends to follow your lead.