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Finding The Right Man And Van For Your Move

Getting a good man and van comes down to a couple of things. You will want to trust them with all of your belongings, as well as getting along with them well, receiving a good service, and not paying too much. All of these things sound a little far fetched to be able to get at the same time, but it can happen! In order to find all of these things, you need to know where to look, as the internet is now completely full up with man and van services, so you will not be able to discern the quality from the rubbish by simply looking at the ads. Start looking in a different way and you will be able to see what you are missing out on. For a start, go to a place that you trust for advice. Ask around your family and friends for a decent man and van. It is highly likely that they will have used someone previously. You may even find that a friend already has a van, or a van hire account, and would help you out for a lot cheaper than you would have paid for a professional. In some cases, van hire is a good thing to look in to, especially if you can drive. However, if you need someone to help you out and don’t have a friend who can do it, then you may well want to look at using a man and van. Certain services will not bother with advertising, as a few of them will be sick of being rang up by strangers at all times. If you are able to find a van service through word of mouth, then you know you are going to get someone friendly and responsible, who can give you a great deal and who you can trust. Otherwise, they would not have been recommended to you! If you have to look elsewhere, then try the paper, or the window of the local shop, to see if there are any adverts for van drivers. The fact that these drivers have opted to pay or at least go to the effort to secure these adverts shows that they are serious about their profession, and not just out to swindle a quick bit of cash out of you. You will find that the amount of effort that goes into establishing a name for themselves will continue through to the effort that they put in to giving you a good service. So, how do you want to pay your van driver? If you are paying by the hour, then there are things that you can do to avoid spending too much time on the move. If you get stuck in traffic however, then you will simply have to sit and watch the price go up! If you get quote for the job, you will be paying for the drivers fuel on the way home, as well as protection against things taking too long. This means that the price for the quote will be a lot higher than the hourly price, but without the risk. If you can work out a clear route, and know the likelihood of traffic in the area, then you can be sensible and take an educated risk on when you do your move. The savings that you will make if it all goes to plan will be great, but if you do get stuck in traffic, you need to know how much you would be spending on a quote, to see whether you are losing money...