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Packing Indispensables - Small Must-haves

Packing typically creates a lot of hassles. Everything seems so irreplaceably precious, and some people spend hours over old souvenirs, keepsakes, etc. and cannot decide how to leave them behind. Yet the differentiation between items that have to be packed and are going to be needed further on and items that cannot be left should be made.

But then comes the packing activity itself. People are often unprepared for it, as they have not thought of the necessary tools that will help them to organise their packing process and will come in handy, enabling them not to interrupt the packing because of the lack of indispensables.

The first thing people who are contemplating packing should put on the list of must-haves is a notebook. Writing notes about what should be done, questions that have to be asked to other family members, etc. helps not to miss important issues. Small though a notebook is, its usefulness is tremendous.

The second thing on the list is a set of writing tools. Pens are a matter of course, and pencils are also a must. Permanent markers are also mandatory, they are great for writing on packaged containers, to help people find out which items are in each specific container. Several permanent markers will do a great job, because when there are inscriptions not just on one side of the box, for example, people will not need to toss and turn it to find where the only inscription is.

Because many things to be packed should be secured with bindings, cords, etc., knives and scissors are a must. Cutting tape, cords, etc. is also essential when packing furniture.

In the course of packing some items have to be disassembled. Then hammers and screwdrivers are the tools to be put in action. Other activities that will need such tools, as well as screws and other tiny assembling items, are disconnecting electrical appliances and Internet and phone connections before packing them.

Packing tape should be provided in abundance. It is great for securing small items in place fastened to larger ones, and it is a must for closing the ready boxes contained the packed items. When packing furniture, tape can be used to secure drawers of all cabinets and wardrobes, and the packing materials on the furniture are also secured by means of tape.

Packing is usually done in a dusty environment. That is why a pair of gloves is a necessary staple. A couple of extra pairs of gloves can ensure that the people packing will always have gloves at their disposal and will not get their hands excessively dusty. Besides, gloves protect the hands from scratching.

Garbage bags are not typical packing containers, but their versatility can be used in packing too. Besides for storing things inside, they can be used as wrapping material, or when large dusty or dirty surfaces are to be handled, large garbage bags can do the covering job.

The above list of indispensables is a must for smooth packing.