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Taking Care of the New Flat after Arriving

Entering your new house for the first time doesn't leave many pleasant memories because initially everything inside is pure chaos. There are furniture and cardboard everywhere and you can barely orientate. The first thing you have to do is to place the heaviest things in their rightful place in your home. Doing that will let you know the hardest part of the job is finished. If you have done your job right during the packing, you must have already sold or thrown out all the possessions you don't want or need. Truth is that the fewer belongings you arrive with at your new home the easier it will be. But even if there are many, don't panic. Just store all your boxes in the proper rooms and calmly unpack everything. And don't forget to always start with the most important things and finish with the least important ones.

The very first pieces of furniture you need to bring in your home and place according to your liking are the ones in which you will be putting your smaller belongings like clothes, books and other items. This manner of room arrangement is quite practical and orderly and if you follow it you won't find yourself tripping over randomly placed boxes here and there. Finally, place one box in the other in order to save space-boxes is what usually fills the room the fastest during unpacking. You always have to take first of your beds, the kitchen and the bath. Sleep, food and hygiene are the basic things you will need on your first day. Even if you fail to get the job done in one day, you will be able to continue the next without problems this way.

Before you move in and before you even start unpacking, it's best for you to clean thoroughly your new house while it is still as empty as possible. You don't want to get crawling bugs and spider webs hanging all over the walls during the first day in your new home. Then after the unpacking is complete you will have to take out all the boxes and bubble wrap and packing paper that are left. It's a good idea to keep all of them because you could decide to move again. If not, you can either sell them or throw them out. Places like the garage, or your basement are perfect place to keep your packing materials.

If you have little children you need to do everything you can in order to take their attention away from the cleaning and the arrangement in the apartment. If they are exposed to it they will become more stressed than you are because they are younger. So the trick is to find for them some sort of amusement until you have completed the job. Take them to a friend's house for a day or two or ask him to take them on a walk in the park or something similar.  

There is not much you can do about that but you can always try some old-time techniques. Allow as much air and sunlight to enter your home. Rest for an hour or two after you arrive-do not immediately start working. If you want to refresh even further your house, let the water run in the bathroom for a minute or two. Wet your face and body if the weather is hot. Do everything that will increase your comfort.