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Use Professional Grade Boxes when Packing for a Move

When you are transferring to a new house or office, the one thing that you cannot do without is the help of a removals company. These are businesses which operate mainly with a fleet of vehicles and a team of powerful movers who can easily lift boxes from one point to another. When hiring the services of a removals company, you can either take advantage of only the main moving services, or you can get the all-in package which includes professional packing and unpacking services.
What are Professional-Grade Moving Boxes?
Whether you decide to do the packing and unpacking yourself or hand over the task to the movers, it definitely pays to use professional-grade moving boxes. Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is using any old carton box as a container for their possessions when moving. Although there are items which you can easily put in carton boxes without the risk of their breaking, the more fragile and expensive items need to be stored in professional-grade moving boxes.
This is precisely the reason why you need to put together all your packaging supplies in a neat pile first prior to the actual packing. As you proceed to the actual packing, make sure that all your things have already been organized. Resist the temptation to bring an accumulation of junk with you on your new house or office.
Get rid of the items which need to be thrown away; set aside the items which you can donate; and organize a garage sale for the things which can still be of use to others, but you would not want to bring to the new house anymore.
Now, if you are on the lookout for professional-grade moving boxes, here's a quick look at how they differ from regular carton boxes:
   Moving boxes are designed in such a way that the top or bottom part will not get squished when placed on top of each other in a moving van.
When you pack regular carton boxes with an accumulation of things, the bottom part tends to crush the top part of the box below it. As a result, the boxes will not be even once they are unloaded from the moving van - and the things inside might get damaged. This is not something that you would have to deal with when using real, professional-grade moving boxes.
   Moving boxes are manufactured in standard sizes.
Depending on what you plan to put inside, you can take your pick from four sizes of moving boxes:
All-purpose moving box measuring 1.5 cubic feet.
Kitchen moving boxes measuring 3 cubic feet.
Pillow moving boxes measuring 4.5 cubic feet.
Wardrobe moving boxes which have a bar inside where you can hang clothes.
   Moving boxes are not sold in regular stores.
Although you can buy carton boxes from almost any store, professional-grade moving boxes are usually sold by the removals companies themselves. Old cartons do not offer the same protection as professional moving boxes, so be a wise consumer and know exactly what you are buying.