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What are Eco Friendly Removals? And Why it's Good to Go Green!

Some of you may have heard or may not have heard about Eco-friendly removals. Eco friendly removals provide a greener more environmentally efficient service for house removals although not all companies do all that they can to reduce carbon emissions. Some eco-friendly removals claim to be green but fail to consider the disposing of waste, and this should certainly be considered when promoting as a good to be green company. What to lookout for? FuelFirst and foremost the energy efficient company should have a form of reduced CO2 emission in place.  To know if this company are claiming to be what they say they are they should have an LPG system on the vehicle which is Liquid Petroleum Gas. LPG will reduce around 20% less CO2 over petrol, it’s the only available system for most haulage and removal companies at the moment and although it’s not great at least it’s a good start! Packing As we all know moving house requires a lot of packing and often waste afterwards. An Eco friendly company should provide you with recycled packaging if you are using their packing services. Not only that they should also collect and recycle your waste boxes and packaging afterwards. NavigationAn Eco-friendly company will have a satellite navigation system in place, now this may seem like a minor thing to check especially since most people have one theses day, but you may be surprised! Some drivers will claim to know all routes whereas we all know that that is not possible and to claim to be green they should be doing everything in their power to make sure that they are reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible. A sat Nav is a simple but effective way of maintaining a driver will not get lost on the route! Where to look for Eco Friendly Companies?If you have decided that it really is good to go green you can search online for removal companies that are claiming to offer this. Before booking up with them you may want to ask about what they are actually doing to reduce carbon emissions and whether or not they provide a free collection service as well as recycle all their packaging. If the eco friendly company provides all of this you can be sure that they are trying all they can to be green. Remember a good reputable Eco friendly service will provide hints and tips on how to reduce waste if required as well as anything else that may concern you regarding staying green on the big move! Why is it good to go green?Unless you have been walking around with your eyes shut for the past 10 years you wouldn’t have failed to notice that everyone is trying their bit at helping the environment lately whether its fashion, cars, furniture and even technology. The truth is even if what we do has only a small impact on the environment if copied by more and more the small impact in time becomes much larger. So it’s never a waste of time to go green just because you cannot see a result instantly. The truth is we control our environment by the decisions we make. We choose what we eat, what we wear, what we buy and what we do and ultimately if everyone chooses the greener way in life we would be helping to save our environment and to encourage those around us to follow suit. Choosing Eco friendly house removals over a standard non green company is just another way of doing all you can to help the environment.