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4 Ways to Make your Relocation with a Removal Company be as Eco-Friendly as Possible

With the health of the environment increasingly playing on everyone’s minds and fears, everything anyone does now is attempted to be done as greenly as possible. This should be the same when it comes to your relocation. Now, it’s not like you can go out and hire a removal company who will provide you with an electric 7.5 tonne van, but there are a few ways to lower the carbon footprint of your move. Most people when they’ve decided to relocate chose to hire out a removal firm to take care of all of their logistic needs. If you’ve done the same then here are a few eco-friendly tips: 1)    Use a local serviceThe distance you drive will be the largest contributor to carbon emissions during your relocation. To make sure this is as low as it can be, chose a local company that has a depot near you. The less they have to drive to get to yours, the greener your move will be. No matter where you are in the country, there will be a number of removal firms operating in your area. If you live in the city, then you shouldn’t be more than a mile or two away from a depot of a removal company. 2)    Use cardboard boxesIf you have decided to take on the task of packing yourself, then be sure to use cardboard boxes to pack all your items in to make your move as eco-friendly as possible. Cardboard boxes are recyclable and should be available for free at any large supermarket. Just ask an employee of a supermarket and they’ll let you know if they have any available. The common alternative to cardboard boxes when it comes to packing is to use large plastic containers. All these containers are certainly reusable, they are not as easy to recycle as cardboard boxes. Many removal companies will also offer a packing service. If you decide to take them up on that service, be sure to ask that they use cardboard boxes to pack your items in. 3)    Use eco-friendly cleaning suppliesAs well as packing for a move, you also have to clean for a move. In order to make sure this goes as eco-friendly as it can, be sure to use cleaning supplies that eco-friendly. Different cleaning products will say on the label how eco-friendly they are to the environment. Avoid using aerosols as they have can damage the o-zone layer. 4)    Fit all your items in the van at onceIf you need to make multiple trips from your soon-to-be old residence to your new one, this will only double, triple, or quadruple the carbon footprint of the trip. To ensure that you can transport all your items in one go, simply order a big enough van. The largest van you can get for removals is a 7.5 tonne van, and this is the van of choice for most removal companies. To see whether all of your items will fit a van that size, simply Google the dimensions of a 7.5 tonne van and then get a rough estimate of the volume of all your items you need to transport. For those of us who can’t remember back to our maths classes at school, volume is height x width x depth. You won’t need an exact measurement of the volume, rather just a rough idea. Alternatively, you could phone up a removal firm and ask them if they think all your items will fit in a 7.5 tonne van. They should be able to guess much more accurately if you give them a rough idea of the number and size of items you need to move.