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Cleaning Tips When Moving

Moving to a new destination is always accompanied by loads of cleaning tasks-cleaning the things to be packed, cleaning the former house, and cleaning the new house. Here are some tips on how to eliminate the tough stains that are eyesores:
Marks and scratches: Use rubber eraser to remove these types of stains especially on woodworks. The rubber eraser helps even out plane surfaces that have been bruised. Inks and crayon stains: Toothpastes are not just used to clean teeth but are also effective removers of determined marks caused by ink and crayon. Just make sure to test the toothpaste on a hidden part of the wall to see how abrasive it can be.Scum stains: These can liberally be removed by an oxy-based cleaner. And then apply baking soda to remove foul odors. Dried wax on fabric: This stain cannot be removed by washing the fabric. In fact, washing can only spread the stain. The only way to remove dried wax is by using hot iron and paper or absorbent cloth. Cover the waxed part with paper or cloth and iron the surface until the stain stick to the paper or cloth.
There are different cleaning products available to help you clean the things that you have to move. Just make sure that you don't mix unnecessary chemicals together as this can result to a hazardous mixture or vapor.