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Dealing With A Bad House Removal

When you are moving house, the worst things that can happen to you is to have the nightmare that you have been dreading all this while come true. You are obviously excited to step into your new house but what you don’t want to see when you open the boxes is that the movers have broken all your precious china or that there is a long crack spread across your bathroom mirror. When you have tried your best to salvage your damaged items as much as possible and been unable to do so, it is very natural to be enraged at the low quality of removals service provided when you paid and were promised otherwise.  Below, we have listed the steps you can take to ensure that the situation is rectified.1.    Speak upIf you are displeased with the service that you have received, then don’t simply endure it and brush it off. Whether the removal team turned up late or whether you were forced to pay extra money not declared in the original quote, let someone know about what has transpired. Others might have experienced something like that before you and will be in a better position to advise you on how to proceed next. You could also put the word out on several forums so that future clients of the moving company do not suffer.2.    Contact the removal companyIf you decided you want to take the matter further with the moving company, get in touch with the customer service or senior manager. In your first correspondence, try to be assertive but polite and attempt to settle the matter by a phone call. Most companies will have a moving insurance that you can claim but in order to do so effectively, you will have to make sure you call before the expiry term, which is mostly within three days or a week of your stuff being delivered. Contact the company as soon as possible and make sure you take pictures of the damaged items to show to the company representatives. Breaking and damage is normal and the companies have a reputation to save, so they will be all the more eager to resolve the issue. 3.    Written complaintIf you have not been able to reach them on phone or they have not returned your call with a amicable solution, feel free to send them a written complaint at their official email address and/or post them at their office address. Keep the letter clear and concise, mention in detail about where you find their service lacking and suggest what you would like them to do to compensate you for it. If you are not clear about whether a mail would work better than a letter, send both. Some companies will put the details of the complaint procedure on their websites.4.    Contact BAR or other bodiesMost reputable removal companies will be associated with either the British Association of Removers or other bodies such as the National Guild of Removers and Storers or Removal Industry Ombudsman. Because they have strict standards of service quality they expect from their movers, they actively look into customer complaints and take them seriously. If you have suffered damage to property or received unsatisfactory service, let them know and they will give you a more satisfactory resolution than the company can offer. 5.    The last resortIf the moving firm is not a member of BAR or any other movers’ association, then it could be more difficult to make them heed your complaints. If they are not ready to resolve your issue satisfactorily, the last option available to you is to take the case to a civil court. However, know that moving to court will be expensive for both parties and is only recommended if you have suffered considerable financial loss because of them.  You must also keep in mind that the decision might not be made in your favour in the end, owing which you will have to bear the solicitor and court fees as well.