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How to Settle In After an Overseas Move

An overseas move is something that most of us are unlikely to experience. Those of us who do, though, are faced with a unique set of problems which must be treated and handled carefully in order to be solved and overcome, and for the whole move itself to end up being carried off smoothly. It’s no small task deciding to move to a different country, it often involves us leaving behind our jobs, our families and friends, and much of the support system which we’ve come to know and rely on throughout the part of our lives which we spent in the country which we now find ourselves leaving. Aside from all of the normal stresses, strains, trials and tribulations of moving in general, there’s just no real comparison to be made between moving from place to place in one country, and moving to a different location on foreign shores.Adapting to a new country can be a stressful enough business that many of us find ourselves looking for any familiar symbols, items, or activities just in order to keep our minds off of just how disoriented we are. Familiar foods, hobbies, means of entertainment, etc. But ultimately the key factor in becoming comfortable in a new country is to first become comfortable in your new home. The home is your castle, your “headquarters”, and your main place of comfort and security. The more time and energy you invest in making it welcoming and “homely”, the better and more quickly you’ll adapt to your new surroundings as a whole and find yourself feeling centred and content overall. So, what kinds of tips can help you to feel more at ease in your new home, and more used to the change of scenery and environment? Well, two related points stand out: Have a Plan For Innovative Decoration: One of the best things about moving to a new home in general – especially a new home overseas – is that you get a new start and a new chance to decorate your home exactly as you’d like. You get to create the “dream home” that you’ve been fantasizing about for years, and you get to move past whatever it was you disliked most about your old home. And this is one of the best ways to create a sense of comfort and satisfaction in your new living space. Do your best to bring your “design dreams” to life and allow yourself to feel a sense of satisfaction and appreciation for the surroundings that you find yourself in, as well as the opportunity that you have to use this new home as your blank canvas. Re-Create the Familiar: An important point to keep in mind during the creation of your dream home, though, is to remember to keep a bit of the “familiar touch” around. If every single aspect of the layout of your home changes beyond all recognition from what it was before, then you can expect to find yourself feeling more disoriented and out of sorts, not less.So try and make a few bits and pieces here and there very similar to how they were in your old home. Maybe your kitchen was arranged in a certain way back before your move, with a particular ornament in one corner? Re-create that. Try and set a balance so that your living space ends up being both “dynamic” and familiar. So that you feel like you’ve “moved up a step” in your circumstances and surroundings, but still haven’t completely abandoned the familiar aspects of your old home which you enjoyed and which keep you feeling rooted and grounded.