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Packing For Your Move - Plan Well In Advance And Relax!

The most arduous part of a removal will always be the packing. Sure, the physicality of lifting furniture may be pretty tough, but unless you are doing it on your own, then the removals team’s presence will usually mean that this part is not too much of an issue. Packing properly takes time and effort, and whilst incredibly boring, you still need to concentrate to ensure that things arrive at the next place in as good a condition as you would like them to be! There are a few hints and tips that you should be able to keep in mind to ensure that you are always one step ahead of the packing, and it usually comes down to preparing for the process as a whole...For a start, you need to give yourself time to do the job properly. This basically means starting early so that you don’t find yourself panicking at the last minute that you are stuck for time and have a lot left to do before the removals team arrive the next day. With the early start, you need to think about how you are going to pack, when and in what order. Essentially you need to draw up a timetable for the packing, that ensures that you are not packing up rooms too far in advance, as otherwise people in your household are going to be needing things that you have already put in boxes! In order that you are able to avoid this sort of wasted time, it is pretty essential that you plan the order well, and consult other people in the house as to when they think things should be put into their boxes. Obviously in the best of situations that house would be completely functional until the last minute, but this is not possible. You will have to live slightly less comfortably towards the move anyhow, to ensure that everything is done in time. Starting with the garage, attic, and then working on towards ornamental things like books, pictures and then to more everyday items, likely ending with clothes, kitchen utensils and bedding. If you have given yourself enough time in advance, then you will no doubt be able to set out your plan and realize that you have enough time to get things done whilst not letting it intrude on the rest of your life too much. The ultimate situation is to have to do only an hour or so of packing each evening, which will then mean that over time you are neither stressed nor taken over by the move, which is the perfect situation really!Ensure that you label the boxes with the room that they are going to, as well as a rough idea as to what is indies. This will basically make the unpacking process a lot easier, as the removals team will be able to drop the boxes in the right room, ensuring that you don’t have to move things about in order to get to unpacking them. If you have a n idea of what is indie the boxes by looking at a loose inventory, then you will be able to find things in an emergency, as well as ensure that the boxes are treated with care and attention; your removals team are not likely to use a box marked ‘finest glassware’ to stand on in order to reach something, whereas they may well do if it is marked ‘books’!